Our Vision

Our vision is to own approximately 10 acres of land with a simple building and a lighted arena.  We will conduct different equestrian/rodeo style events regularly and provide a wholesome environment for all ages.  This new venue will give us an opportunity to share the love of Jesus Christ and bring out your inner cowboy and cowgirl.  Our new ranch setting will allow us to study God’s word in a relaxed non-conventional atmosphere even around campfires and at our Picnic Pavilion.
Moving Forward…..
We have purchased approximately 9 acres of land in Niederwald, Texas, 8399 Niederwald Strasse (CR 2001, just west of Hwy 21).  We have reduced the loan balance on the property to $85,141 and are thankful to any one-time contributions to our principal balance you choose to make!  This is a 20 year note and for every $800 applied to the principal balance this will shorten the payoff by three months (saving over $2,000 in interest!)
In May 2015 our Agricultural Exemption was granted by the County which lowered our property taxes to less than $20 a year!
We have conducted “Participation Days” out at our new site, which included “Ranch Beautification,” clearing fence lines, cutting grass, removing Mesquite Trees and getting the area ready for our new Driveway. 
We are currently raising the funds needed to cover the foundation and erection costs.  These include:

Foundation and building pad 


Electrical (lighting and outlets)

$ 2,700

Metal Building assembly 



$ 4,950

2,000 sq ft metal building


Exterior bathroom


Plumbing Finish & Trim (Kitchenette – Chuck wagon)

$ 1,500

HVAC (Mechanical – Heating and Cooling)

$ 5,000

Covered Porch  

$ 2,500

Handicapped parking spaces and sidewalk

$ 5,500

Subtotal estimates



We are blessed with a very talented group in our congregation and many have pledged to help with the above tasks.  Their participation is reflected in the pricing which will significantly reduced our installation and labor costs.
If you have materials or skills that you would like to donate please contact Douglas Dear, Trustee Capital Cowboy Church 512/848-5597.










The Cowboy Church of Travis County was featured in a CBN 700 Club feature with Carolyn Castleberry called “Cowboy Churches Saddle Up for God.”  See the video at CBN.




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